installing a new language

intro: BSPG and languages

BSPG supports by default 2 active (always online) languages:
  1. a Local language
  2. an International language
they can be chosen between any of the available ones (at present: Italian, English, and Croatian). A user can set his own default local language, and then change from Local to International at any time.

Other languages can be installed by an administrator or expert user, simply translating a text file and uploading it into the BSPG system.

language installation

BSPG supports automated language installation: below is shown in detail the whole process, step by step.
  1. Select Building - Language - Install language from the main menu:
    (click Building to open the submenu, then Language,
    then Install language, one by one)

  2. A small dialog box will appear: (in your chosen style: in this example, light blue)

  3. select the first entry, Download a template dictionary, and you'll get here:

    A template dictionary is simply a text file with a complete list of all the descriptions you will use in the BSPG system: there are 2 types of possible customizations,

    1. Interface, that is: menu entries, user messages, peculiar fixed descriptions of the Balanced Scorecards terminology, eg. the words Perspective, Objective, Measure, Action...
    2. Application, that is: the real list of Perspectives, Objectives, Measures, Data types... you will use.
    the first and simpler step is usually the Interface: anyway the process is exactly the same for both.

    Clicking one of the 2 entries, you will download a file in .txt format: you'll need a good Text Editor (eg., Textpad or frhed on Windows) able to modify a file leaving tabs and other special characters in their place.

    Below there is a piece of the template you may get, as an example:

    The first column in the Interface template (and the first 2 in the Application template, each column separated by Tabs, ASCII 09) must be leaved as they are: they represent the exact location and context positioning of the description you will modify (changing them will result in missing or confused descriptions, messages, and so on.., in the BSPG system)

  4. Then, carefully modify the template text file you have downloaded, as told in the previous step.

  5. Return to the dialog in step 2 (through step 1)

    and choose now the second entry, Upload a modified template and install

  6. you'll get here:

    you may probably want to upload descriptions for a new language, so select Add a new language

  7. Fill in the fields with the language name (eg. it may be Hravtski and Croatian for local and international names respectively), and the character set it will use (eg., I've chosen x-sjis to set up the Japanese demo page), then click ok

  8. you'll go back to step 6,

    and now select Choose the language to install

  9. Depending on which language you've installed, you may get eg. this list:

    select the new language you want, eg. Japanese (that's not yet available, as of 26-6-03).

  10. Find the file with the template you've previously modified, and click ok to upload

  11. you'll get back to step 2,

    and can select now Choose your local and international languages

  12. this is the last step,

    select the Local and International languages you'd like to use, and click ok

  13. now, restarting with a new session, the whole BSPG will use the 2 languages you've selected.