an opensource Balanced Scorecard
on PostgreSQL

  • intro
  • some features
  • comparings with commercial solutions
  • technical details

  • BSPG is a complete multilingual Balanced Scorecard environment comparable (and probably superior) to many similar softwares for measurement-based management: it is based on my personal experience in the implementation of this kind of software for two companies in the past year.

    What is a balanced scorecard, in short:
    a management tool that allows a strategic vision of a company, through the setting of its long or medium term objectives in the marketplace, and the measurement of the performances of each element of the company, from the top level to offices, departments, market units, and down to human resources.

    More information about balanced scorecards can be found here:

    Some features

    Comparings with existing commercial solutions
    (between [ ] the BSPG case)

    (there's no other OpenSource BS, in my knowledge)

    CASE 1: from Corvu Rapid Scorecard quick-list of features:

    CASE 2: from Peoplesoft Enterprise Scorecard demo

    (note first of all that they have many different BS products, one for each type of level in the company's organization chart)

    Technical details:

    BSPG is a web-based application, written in PHP, using javascript 1.1 (but not java), DHTML (with Microsoft peculiarities, sorry..), Macromedia Flash actionscript, and running on PostgreSQL.

    The graphical engine is based on slightly modified versions of old JpGraph classes (when they were full GPL);

    BSPG is:

    ~150 PHP scripts, more than 1Mb of source code
    ~50 tables
    ~200 pgplsql functions
    ~30 triggers
    more than 600 hours of work