BSPG requirements and installation


  1. a PostgreSQL database (>= 7.2.3)
  2. a web server supporting PHP, possibly Apache (>=1.3.12)
  3. the PHP interpreter itself (>= 4.3.0)
  4. optionally you may need also a Microsoft Powerpoint COM or DCOM server (that's simply Windows with Powerpoint installed), as BSPG exports Strategy maps and Actions/Objectives correlations to .ppt files


  1. runs on any OS, from linux to Windows
  2. Microsoft Internet Explorer was the originally supported browser, but IE6 on XP SP2 seems to have problems with session cookies ^, and won't open correctly new windows ^.
  3. an optimal view requires Wingdings3 ^ font installed on clients.


  1. download BSPG ^, composed typically by 2 parts:
    1. db (PG)
    2. web side (PHP)
  2. create a new PostrgreSQL db, called balance_test and a new user, called balance
  3. import the schema and data for this new user
  4. test the db, with something like, psql balance_test balance
  5. see eventually the db install-notes

  6. unzip part 2 to a new directory inside your web server's htdocs
  7. fix your php.ini compatibly with this (still need register_globals on)
  8. point with a browser to your web server's new BSPG directory (redirects to login.php)
  9. ...that's all: you should see a working BSPG demo environment.

More detailed instructions about the installation can be found here. Post on the forum for further help.