a first BSPG history...

BSPG was started as a joke or a revenge, on november 29th 2002..
(it stands for Balanced Scorecard on PostgreSQL)

I had worked on Balanced Scorecards for a year and a half, since june 29th 2001, as an IT consultant for Ernst & Young Italy and GebNet, where I had implemented some BS and performance managements systems, on Oracle databases.
..I wanted to test PostgreSQL capabilities on a so large application, and I started to set up a PGSQL database basing on my past experience: in a couple of weeks I could think that it was really feasible, and taking the odd coincidence of a sudden discharge, I began working full time on BSPG.
There are surely great limitations on PostgreSQL, specially about the query plan optimization, that led me to re-think entire areas of the application: eg. I had to rewrite simple queries from multi-level views into the corresponging complex ones from the underlying tables.
During the following months I also widened my knowledge in Performance managements systems (like EVA) and in the BS theory, keeping up to date with BSCol publications, and checking closely other BS commercial vendors solutions, like CorVu, Peoplesoft, QPR, SAS, and so on..

I have to thank many people for helping me going on with BSPG, there maybe a list in the future;;;